DURATECH 120V 3-in-1 Multifunctional Welder

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Multi-Process Welder

Flux Core/ Gas Mig/ Stick(MMA)/ DC Lift Tig multi-functional welding machine (lift tig torch not included)

Powerful And Safe Welder

Up to 140 Amp output that allows you to weld mild steel up to 3/16 inch plate. Professional certificate - this welding machine has CSA listed to ensure its reliability and efficiency

Convenient Flux-Cored Wire

This MIG welder can use flux-core welding wire and solid welding wire. MIG welding wire: 0.025" - 0.035". Big enough to handle 2 and 10 pounds rolls of wire

Advanced Technology

Dual-digital panel control system and advanced IGBT inverter technology make the welder can fine-tune the voltage, current, arc, and wire feed speed smoothly

Multi Use

This 120V welder machine is suitable for welding cast iron, mild steel, stainless steel, chrome nickel steel, chrome-moly steel, and other metal materials, but aluminum is not suitable. Built-in excellent anti-stick, hot start, and arc stability, easy to operate, and convenient for beginners


  • 6.5 ft ground clamp/ 6.5 ft 200A electrode holder/ 7.8 ft 150A MIG gun/ 6.8 ft power cord 15A plug/ 20A-15A plug adapter extra, lift tig torch not included
  • 0.030" (assembled in MIG gun), 0.023"/ 0.035* contact tip extra
  • 0.030"/0.035" K roller for flux cored wire extra, 0.030"/0.035" V roller for solid wire extra
  • 0.025"/0.030" V roller for solid wire(assembled in machine)

Gas Mig

  • Solid wire ER70S-6
  • Wire size: 0.025"/ 0.030"/ 0.035"
  • Infinite voltage and wire feed speed control
  • DCEP

MMA/ Stick

  • Welding with E6013 /E7018/E308L electrodes
  • Arc force adjustable for weld bead fine-tuning
  • DCEP

DC Lift Tig

  • Possible to weld stainless steel from 22 Ga to 3/16"
  • Lift TIG torch not included
  • DCEN

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