DURATECH 12-Piece Bearing Puller Set Including Storage Case

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High Quality

The parts within this bearing splitter set are effective in removing bearings, pulleys, gears, and bushes, it can be used separately or in combination with other pullers and tools, making this tool suitable for beginners or professionals.

High Efficiency

DURATECH bearing puller set has up to 5 tons capacity and can be used separately or with other puller tools, giving the user options to deal with various pulling jobs.

High-quality Materials

bearing separator jaws constructed from heat-treated Chrome Alloy, this pinion bearing puller set ensures corrosion resistance and long-term durability under even punishing use.

Package List

Includes a 3" bearing separator jaw, 2" bearing separator jaw, 6" yoke, 6.75" lead screw, four 4" extension legs, four 5" extension legs.

Superior Durability

The Chrome Alloy construction of the bearing separators provides rust resistance, while their contact area enables you to pull and separate bearings.

Premium Material

The heat-treated metal and black oxide finish provide extra strength and longevity.

For Various Puller Jobs

Features a corrosion-resistant forged and hardened chrome alloy steel construction for maximum strength and longer service life

Labor-Saving Operation

The lead screw boast precise threading that reduces effort when pulling bearings.

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